Monday, June 11, 2012

Me So Lazy

I have been meaning to post pictures from my wedding, but I do not have the will. I'll eventually get to them. So I'm doing the next best thing! You can watch our wedding video!!!! OOH LA LA!!!!

Up until the day of the wedding, I was SO CHILL. I was the opposite of bridezilla. Everyone around me was shocked, probably because I wasn't stressed out. Husband made wedding planning so easy because he is amazingly organized! It is a great turn on. hahha. I also decided that I didn't want to fuss over every single little detail. Every time I browsed through wedding blogs they made me a little depressed and I got so sick of looking at them. In the end, I wanted it to be about us, not focusing on decorating and embellishing every nook and cranny.

It didn't hit me that I was getting married until the day of the wedding I was like, OH SHIT! I'm getting married! Shit, shit, shit!!!! It's really happening!!!! Once I walked down the aisle and had to say my vows, I couldn't even get a single word out!!! I was a hot mess. And I was CRYING. hahhaa. Oh lawd. In the video, it only catches the cheesy part of my speech. That's too bad because the main part was kind of funny.

We had the time of our lives. Having friends and family around was the best. Towards the end of the wedding I had to take off my wedding dress because I couldn't breathe. I think I gained weight after the last fitting. hahah. Anyways, enough chittah chattah. Watch the video!! =)

P.S. I hate hearing my own voice. It sounds so nasty!!!! hahah.

Our Smog Shoppe wedding shot by the very talented Loyd Calomay:

Our Bomb Wedding by L.C. from Judy Park on Vimeo.


lills said...

you were so beaming that day! so happy for you both and I LOVED your wedding dance!!!! you gotta do it together for an encore for your 50th anniversary!

thuy le said...

Judi I havent visited your blog in YEARS and the day I decide to, I see that you've gotten married! you have an adorable voice. congrats :)