Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm curious. Did anyone's relationship with their dad change once they got engaged/married?!? My dad used to call me often to see how I was doing, but now he NEVER calls. I'm the one calling him now! haha I wonder if he feels like I'm not his anymore or if he gave away his daughter. Is it a Korean or asian thing? The bestie felt that way about her father, too. It's so strange!!!! It made me a little sad. haha. Regardless, appah will always be appah. Whenever we talk on the phone, he never hangs up without saying (in his fob accent), "Always be careful and don't forget to exercise!" So funny.

Today is my dad's 64th birthday. Happy birthday, Dad! I love you!!! You don't look 64! And I don't look 32! hahah.

Here is my dad (on the left) right before he came to the states.

Here we are in Ktown, LA. My dad became a fatty when he came to the U.S. Too much partying in Ktown!!!! hahha. I've always had this constipated and confused look on my face since I was born. Some things don't ever change. My dad really wanted me to be a boy (since I'm the first born). He even bought me boys clothing at Kmart at age 4 or 5. I remember thinking, but why??? I'm a GIRL!!!! haha.

And here we are at my wedding. A couple of weeks before the big day, we had a family dinner at a korean bbq buffet. He got drunk and started serenading an Elvis Presley song to me and John, a song he had been practicing! If you didn't know, my dad is the korean elvis. hahha. It was so funny and so sweet. He told me he was going to take two shots of tequila before he walked down the aisle with me. We were in the restaurant parking lot and he said, let's practice! He took my arm and we continued into the parking lot. My dad-he's so funny!

(More wedding photos to come...)

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your appa is handsome!!