Sunday, September 4, 2011


photo via the sartorialist

Now this, this is an outfit I can sweat in. Even her shopping bags match her neutral toned outfit-she is so high fashion. haha.

I'm really sad that summer came and went so early. It was so freaking short out here! Plus it was raining 38% of the time. Can't forget that biatch of a hurricane, irene. Because of her my hospital mandated me to stay at work for the entire weekend (couldn't go home) and I basically ate and ate as if I was going to starve to death. It's her fault I gained weight. Did she not know that I have to fit into a wedding dress?!?!? So selfish!!!! haha.

I'm outtie!!!

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I wonder how often she washes her hair. She's a white fashiony girl so probably once a week. That's probably day 5 perfect hair. Too bad us Asian girls get day 18 nasty oily hair on like day 1/2.